Case Study

The Challenge

University graduates and skilled tradespeople were pouring out of the province in record numbers. Drawn by the belief that jobs were more plentiful in Alberta and British Columbia. There were a record number of vacant positions in all job sectors and the message wasn’t being clearly delivered to the target audience. I was given a mandate to bring our people back home. The process started by abandoning an already established design language and completely starting over.

The Solution

Address the concerns that people had with living in the bigger cities…long commutes, lower cost of living, poor work/life balance, etc. Focus the message on the key target audiences in the other provinces, but blanketing the country with high visibility media – outdoor, radio, television, print and the internet. With a campaign budget north of $500,000, we were able to hit our target of reaching over 10 million people. The net result was the influx of people back to Saskatchewan and the real estate boom that ensued.

National Targeted Messaging

Promoting Positive Living

Promoting Positive Living

Campaigns rely on a consistent design language, clearly articulated messages and the adaptation to multiple forms of media in a variety of sizes and formats. Campaigns will often span across Web, TV, Print, Radio and Outdoor – each of which presents it’s own uniques challenges. This campaign was a raging success and marked some of the largest measured growth the province has ever seen.

Campaign Budget

Population Growth